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Protect your home or business with a premium quality Bosch alarm system from Alltronic Security. Bosch offers a range of security products like alarm systems, CCTV and IP cameras that integrate seamlessly to provide complete coverage and protection.

From simple installation to an integrated security solution for maximum protection, we can help you with reliable advice, professional installation and extensive support. You can also opt for our back-to-base monitoring services for complete peace of mind. We also provide repairs and maintenance for the complete Bosch range across Brisbane.

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Premium quality Bosch alarm systems

Your security system usually comprises of a selection of parts which all work together to protect your home and alert you if there is an unwanted intrusion. A sophisticated Bosch alarm panel or keypad controls and communicates with all aspects of the system. Having a single central control reduces installation costs and keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. It also ensures that all your security systems form a secure, reliable barrier around your property.

Your Bosch security alarm system may also have the option of remote connectivity, allowing users to turn the alarm on or off, receive alarm activation notifications, access control, and more via software or an app using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Bosch Security Alarm System Keypad

The alarm system can be separated into multiple zones. A zone is a detection device or group of devices, such as sensors connected to a window or group of windows, like in a bedroom. Zones can be grouped into areas that allow you to arm sections of the building separately. This can provide the flexibility of securing a business’s showroom while allowing access to the loading dock or storerooms to only a few employees.

Bosch sensors and motion detectors provide reliable performance, ensuring a fast response in an intruder situation while minimising false alarm activations from pets, draughts or component faults.

The Bosch alarm systems can integrate with a range of CCTV systems including the high-quality Bosch analog or IP security cameras and video recording and management systems. The Bosch surveillance camera range includes bullet, dome and PTZ styles, indoor and outdoor models as well a thermal imaging cameras.

Bosch Security

Bosch Security Systems We Provide

Alltronic Security has a Bosch solution for all your home and business protection requirements, from high definition video surveillance to the latest in wireless security systems .

Bosch components cover all aspects of security including:

  • Motion detectors - indoor and outdoor models
  • IP and analogue surveillance cameras
  • Bosch alarm keypad and panels
  • Bosch CCTV cameras
  • Bosch wireless range including - cameras, keypads, sensors, motion detectors, and panic alarms
  • Internal and external sirens
  • Strobe lights
  • Battery backup systems
  • Pet-friendly sensors
  • Glassbreak detectors
  • Remote monitoring options - both self-monitoring and professional alarm monitoring

Our security technicians can custom design a Bosch system for your properties security requirements. Every alarm solution we provide is unique, each home or business has a different set of specifications which require a distinct system.

Our team ensures your security alarm is installed and programmed for your needs, taking care of most of the technical aspects of the system and providing a straightforward, user-friendly alarm solution.

Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 Alarm Systems

The Bosch Solution 2000 comes with 8 fully programmable zones while Solution 3000 comes with 16 programmable zones. Both alarm systems are perfect for residential properties, duplexes and small commercial properties.

Looking for additional security for your granny flat? You can choose to install Solution 3000 which comes with 2 partitionable areas and cover the shared premises.

Bosch Alarm System | Install, Repairs & Maintenance | Alltronic Security

Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Systems

Solution 6000 Access and Intrusion Alarm panel is a complete security solution with features like integrated access control, smart card technology, and biometric fingerprint readers. Other features of the 6000 series include:

  • Integrated access and alarm system
  • 16 access doors or readers
  • 990 users
  • Up to 144 wired or wireless zones
  • Keyfobs and Panic Buttons to arm and disarm the system
  • Cloud connectivity including push notification, remote control, and monitoring
  • Motion detectors
  • High-speed windows programming software

We understand you need to keep your workplace secure at all times. That’s why we recommend Solution 6000 for commercial security . The system is scalable and designed to suit different business needs.

Reliable and Professional Bosch Alarm System Instalation

Not sure where to start? Our team have years of experience in security system installation and can go through all the options available for your property. To book your Bosch alarm system installation, contact Alltronic Security on 3353 3248 or complete our quote request form today.

Bosch Solution 6000 Home Alarm System

From $1395 fully installed*

Included in this great system - Alarm box, LCD keypad, hardwired detectors, internal and external sirens, battery backup, 3 years parts and labour warranty.


*Terms and conditions apply, speak to our security specialists for details.

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