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Personal Duress Alarm System

Installation, repairs, and monitoring

Stay safe in your home or business with a personal duress alarm system from Alltronic Security. We supply and install the latest in personal safety alarms for a range of applications from assisting the elderly in maintaining independence in their homes, to providing those working in at-risk jobs with a personal security alert system. Speak to our experienced team for advice on the best system for your needs today.

Worried about personal safety in the home or workplace?

Personal safety alarm for the elderly

A personal alert system can assist elderly family members to remain independent and in their own homes whilst be providing a fast response if an accident or health issues occur. A customized personal health alarm system can provide peace of mind that help isn't far away at any time of the day or night.

Our security specialists will ensure the personal alert system is custom designed for your home to ensure it maintains coverage whether you're in the back garden or in the shower. Where ever you are in your home you'll always be protected with a personal alarm system from Alltronic Security.

Panic alarm

Maintain worker safety with a panic alarm system in your business. Panic or duress alarms are often used in at-risk workplaces such as convenience shops, fuel stations, retail stores, or financial institutions to provide an emergency response in the event of a dangerous situation.


Each system can be set with a specific response procedure which will be followed when the alarm is activated.

These procedures will vary greatly from one situation to another, depending on the individual's circumstances. For instance, an alarm may trigger a notification message to a friend or coworker, connect straight to a monitoring service, or in high-risk situations notify emergency services. 

Stay safe at home and at work

Our security team can custom design and install a personal alarm system specifically for your requirements in your home or business. Contact our team on 3353 3248 or complete our booking request form today for the very best in personal duress alarms systems throughout Brisbane.


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