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Back to Base Alarm Monitoring System

24/7 Back to base security alarm & professional alarm monitoring

When it comes to the security of your home and business, being connected to a 24/7 back to base security alarm and professional security alarm monitoring service is the best security you can get!

Back to base professional alarm monitoring is the leading, and most consistent, form of security that you can ask for as you have a professional security monitoring company observing your home or business 24/7. They are instantaneously made aware of a security system alarm being triggered and deem the appropriate response and action, if required. 

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What is back to base security alarm monitoring?

A back to base alarm, sometimes referred to as back to base alarm monitoring, is a 24/7 security alarm monitoring service that is provided by security companies for both homes and businesses. If a security alarm is triggered, the alarm monitoring service will determine the appropriate response and action. 

Our back to base monitoring facility is certified as Grade A1 standard by the Australian Security Industry Associated Limited (ASIAL). We will protect what’s most important to you whether you are home or away. 

What happens when a back to base security system is triggered?

Alltronic Security back to base alarm systems incorporate cutting edge back to base monitoring technology. When your alarm is activated the following happens:

  • A signal is instantly sent to the control room, which is manned 24/7
  • Our monitoring centre receives the details on where the alarm is coming from
  • Your personal information and alarm details are displayed to the alarm monitoring operator
  • The operator will call the premises to verify the alarm
  • If it is a false alarm and you give the password, the alarm is cancelled
  • If there is no response at your home, the operator will then call other nominated contacts, organise the patrol services or alert the emergency services if there's a fire, burglary or accident

Please note - This is an example of standard alarm procedures and course of action; however, they can be customised to fit your personal needs.

Back to base alarm system process

Why choose back to base alarm monitoring?

  • 24/7 - 365 monitoring
  • Someone will always respond when the alarm goes off
  • The exact location of the alarm trigger can be determined
  • Peace of mind
  • Professional installation
  • Monitoring for various alarm events
  • Reduced home insurance (speak to your insurance provider to see if this is available to you)

An Alltronic Security alarm system includes the latest back to base alarm monitoring technology. We use wireless cellular radio frequencies or GPRS technology so even in the event of a power cut, our alarm systems will still be working and will be able to correspond with our monitoring centre.

Your back to base alarm monitoring system experts

If you have any questions on back to base alarm monitoring or would like to speak to a professional to arrange a back to base alarm system installed in your home or business, call Alltronic Security on 07 3353 3248 to discuss your security needs.

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