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Looking for a great electrician in Brisbane?

Power is what keeps the household going. It is easy to forget how much we are reliant on electricity until it starts to fail on us. You can stop the issue before it becomes a problem. Our fully qualified and licenced electricians can help you with all your electrical needs from installing new lights and safety switches to upgrading switchboards and fixing those annoying flickering lights.

How can our electricians help today?

Electrical services we offer

We can help you with your home electrical needs. From repair and maintenance of existing electrical services to the installation of new electrical fixtures and points. Below is a list of common electrical services that we offer.

Electrical DIY

With sites like YouTube and Home Improvement, more and more homeowners are watching tutorials by qualified electricians on how to fix and maintain their own electrical services. We cannot stress enough that DIY electrical work is the single most dangerous DIY's a homeowner can undertake.

Electrical DIY

In Queensland, it is actually illegal to conduct your own electrical work without proper licencing. Not to mention that no insurance will cover the work that you have undertaken and most life insurances will become void if you are electrocuted due to unlicenced DIY electrical work.

Alltronic electrical services Brisbane

Our experienced, licenced electricians can take care of all your electrical service requirements throughout Brisbane. Contact our team at 07 3353 3248 or complete our electrician booking form today.

What to do in an electrical emergency?

When you have an electrical emergency in your home that results in property damage or threat to human life. You should try to stay as calm as possible and DO NOT TOUCH anyone that is suspected of being electrocuted. Remove you and your family from the electrical faults and call for help ASAP.

Emergency numbers you should store in your phone

  • Australian Emergency Services "000"
  • Energex Emergency 24/7 "13 19 62"
  • Alltronic Electrical "07 3353 3248"


How to tell electrical wires apart?

Can we start by saying that in Australia it is illegal to carry out any work on the electrical systems in your home unless you are a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. This is to ensure safety standards are met and to protect residents, as well as anyone who works on or in your bu... Learn More

Are all light fixtures dimmable?

The vast majority of light fixtures are able to work with standard dimmer switches but not all have this functionality. Dimmed light bulbs are a great energy-conserving idea for homes as they can cut down the amount of electricity a bulb is using. However, whilst dimmer switches reduce... Learn More

Are there different light bulb types?

It's a situation that you've had many times before - you need to replace a light bulb and you head to your local hardware store or supermarket for a replacement. You find the correct area of the shop however, and are met with a huge variety of light bulbs to choose from... different sizes, s... Learn More

For more in depth electrician information visit our Electrician Information page

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