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Commercial Security

Secure your business with integrated security solutions

When you've worked hard to build your business and keep it lucrative, the last thing you need is a break-in or burglary. Not only do you lose money and merchandise, but you diminish your brand and credibility. You can help mitigate your risks and deter intruders with commercial security systems in Brisbane through Alltronic Security. We offer several security options for Brisbane businesses.

For complete peace of mind and reliable services, you can count on Alltronic Security. We provide installation, repairs, maintenance of commercial security systems as well as monitoring services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich. Talk to our security experts for a free security consultation.

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Security Systems for Business in Brisbane

Protect your business from break-ins and theft with reliable security solutions with our cost-effective security solutions. Security systems not only protect your assets but also life. Our security technicians can help set up a comprehensive security solution designed to protect buildings as well as your employees.

To find the best system for your specific business, a member of our security team will come out and assess your site. We'll help you design the optimal security solution for your premises to discourage burglars from even attempting a break-in.

Our security solutions include:

  • Security system installation, repairs, and servicing
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Alarm systems
  • Duress Alarms - for at-risk staff
  • Security cameras - installation, repairs and servicing
  • Wireless video surveillance
  • Guard response services
  • Optional mobile patrol services
  • Access control

Commercial Security Alarm Systems

With security alarms from Alltronic Security Pty Ltd, you get total peace of mind knowing you've kept your business safe. These alarms will immediately alert you about any unauthorised entrances. We can use either detectors or reed switches to sense intruders.

Along with our security alarms, we offer an alarm monitoring service to keep your business safe even when you're on holiday. We will notify a contact of your choice when we detect a problem or you can also access your property remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can enjoy your time away without worrying about what happens at your office.

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras act as the first line of defence against thefts and vandalism. CCTV cameras and IP cameras are quite common in businesses and becoming common for residential security. To protect your property with security cameras, our security technicians will assess the best lighting, locations, and equipment to maintain a constant visual connection with your property. Cameras also provide recordings for use as evidence if burglars or intruders ever target your business.

Access Control

Allow only authorised employees to enter your business premises with our access control systems. Whether you need to restrict access to a private car park or provide access to only the employees, we can configure the access control system best suited to your business. Our access control systems can be configured for multiple users, doors and levels in the building.

Reliable and Professional Commercial Security Systems Brisbane

To protect your business against theft, vandalism and illegal access, contact Alltronic Security for commercial security systems in Brisbane. Call us at 07 3353 3248 or complete our quote request form to schedule a property assessment and discuss your options.

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