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Security Alarm Service

When was the last time your alarm system was serviced?

Security alarms require regular servicing to ensure that they continue to protect your home or business and to minimise false alarms. Routine maintenance will also extend the life of your security system, ensuring issues are repaired promptly. We recommend a combination of self-maintenance and professional servicing to thoroughly maintain the alarm system.


Alarm maintenance tasks

Some alarm maintenance can be performed by yourself and some tasks will need to be performed by a qualified alarm technician.

Service tasks that you can perform:

  • Keep sensors and security cameras free from spider webs, dust and debris build-up
  • Maintain a proper pest control program to minimise pest movement setting off alarms
  • Remove hanging ornaments or plant growth from near sensors or cameras
  • Change alarm codes regularly
  • Perform routine tests monthly (or more often depending on use)

As well as these, we recommend that you get a qualified technician out once a year to carry out a full security system service. This includes:

  • Checking overall security alarm system integrity
  • Ensuring that system is communicating correctly with the monitoring station (if monitored)
  • Testing the integrity of the backup battery to ensure sufficient charge in case of power failure
  • Review all sensors to make sure they are working correctly
  • Service security cameras and recording systems to ensure the best picture possible is produced
  • Investigate the cause of false alarms

By carrying out alarm system servicing once a year, you can be confident that it will work properly when needed. Don't assume your security system is working, book alarm maintenance today.

Security system services

Alltronic Security's experienced technicians can also:

  • schedule regular maintenance at a time convenient to you or your business
  • replace faulty parts or wiring
  • set up alarm monitoring
  • set up a guard response service
  • service CCTV cameras and recording equipment
  • upgrade your security system - in part or a full system upgrade
  • upgrade to a wireless security system
  • provide expert advice on how to better protect your property

Expert alarm servicing Brisbane

For expert home or business security alarm servicing and maintenance throughout Brisbane and suburbs contact Alltronic Security on 3353 3248 or complete our online service booking form today.


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