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Intercom Systems Brisbane

Wired, wireless, and video intercoms

Screen visitors, monitor doors and gates, plus remotely allow access with a top quality intercom system from Alltronic Security. We offer the supply, installation and repairs of a range of wired or wireless intercom systems with audio only and audio/video options for homes, businesses, apartment complexes, gated estates, hotels, and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane. Speak to our security experts about the best intercom for your needs.

Intercom System + Alarm System

*Unfortunately we don't offer stand-alone intercom system installations at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Contact Alltronic Security for all your security system needs throughout Brisbane.

Intercom systems for homes

Including an intercom system in your home security setup adds another safeguard for the protection of your family and possessions. An intercom allows you to identify and communicate with a visitor prior to allowing access to your home. Video intercoms provide the added benefit of being able to visually monitor and vet anyone coming to the door, gate or building entrance.

Benefits of an audio or video intercom system

An intercom system can provide the next level of security for your home, business, building, or complex. Never open the door or gate again without knowing who's on the other side.

Gate and door intercoms are perfect for:

  • anyone wanting to increase security around the home
  • homes with secure gates and fencing
  • homes or apartments:
    • of the elderly
    • of residents with mobility difficulties
    • with small children
    • situated in at-risk areas
  • internal communication
  • secure businesses, warehouses, factories, and workshops

A quality audio or video intercom system can:

  • improve security
  • provide seamless communication - call button on door station
  • be used in conjunction with CCTV cameras and other monitoring systems
  • provide clear internal connection - room to room, floor to floor, house to garage, or workshop to office communication
  • capture a photo or video footage of visitors (video intercoms)
  • provide night vision video capabilities
  • be fitted as far as the front gate with an optional remote gate opener

The best in commercial and home intercoms in Brisbane

Not sure where to start with your home intercom system? Our team have years of experience in intercom installation and can go through all the options available for your property. For the very best in home security and intercom systems contact Alltronic Security on 3353 3248 or complete our quote request form today.

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