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The latest in wireless home security

Alltronic Security offers the very best in wireless alarm systems for your home or business. Installing these systems are also a lot faster as they do not need extensive wiring throughout your building in order to work. Speak to our security experts about using a wireless system for your property.

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Why use a wireless alarm system?

There are many reasons our customers choose to install a wireless security system in their homes, from convenience to easy installation and access.

A wireless system is not limited by the existing wiring in your home. You're free to add a camera or sensor where ever you want, allowing for complete coverage inside and outside the building. Wireless sensors can be located just about anywhere, you can track who comes through the pool gate, when someone opens a window, or if someone lifts the garage door.

We often find that some homes have area's which are difficult to access due to height, neighbouring properties, trees, or other obstacles. Wireless alarms are perfect for these buildings as the installation options are more varied.

Wireless home security systems also allow for additional components to be added, replacements, or adjustments to be easily made at a later time.

Bosch Security Systems
Bosch security

Leading brand security components

We use premium brands such as Bosch and Micron to provide you with a top quality security system which will safeguard your home or business for many years to come. Our team can custom design and install a wireless alarm system perfect for your particular requirements. Include back-to-base alarm monitoring for a complete 24/7 home security package.

The best in home security across Brisbane

Not sure where to start with your home security? Our team have years of experience in security system installation and can go through all the options available for your property. For the very best in home security in Brisbane contact Alltronic Security on 3353 3248 or complete our quote request form today.

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