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Your local business & home alarm system specialists

Alltronic Security are your local Brisbane security alarm system experts providing design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for homes, businesses and commercial properties. Protecting your family/staff, possessions, and property is our top priority.

Our experienced security specialists utilise premium brands such as Bosch Security and Micron to custom design an alarm system which caters for the specific aspects of your property to provide a comprehensive security solution. Speak to our Brisbane security specialists and request an alarm system quote today.


Tailored security alarm systems for Brisbane homes & businesses

Finding the right fit for your security alarm system is important to ensure all potential entry points or risk areas are covered. Every property is unique and every home or business has different priorities when it comes to security which is why our team tailor each alarm system to your particular needs.

Bosch Security Alarm System Keypads
Bosch Security Alarm System Keypad

Alarm system features can include:

  • Security cameras - CCTV, high definition (HD) - wired & wireless camera options
  • Infrared or motion detection - with pet friendly options available
  • Door & window sensors - for instant intruder alert
  • Alarm siren - audible alert for alarm activation
  • Central control keypad - straightforward alarm system control
  • Future proof wiring - allowing for upgrades when required
  • Duress or personal alarms - for protection of at-risk individuals or staff

Our security specialists will work with you to design the optimal safeguard for your property and carry out the complete alarm system installation.

Find out what the risk of break in (Unlawful entry) is in your area of Brisbane using the QLD Police Online Crime Map -

How do security alarm systems work? - Bosch Intrusion Systems Video

Wired & wireless security alarm system options

The extensive range of wired and wireless security alarm systems available means that your system can be created to operate effectively regardless of your building design or security requirements. Our team can provide expert advice on which option works best for your home or business, or even if a combination of both is the best answer.

Self or Back to Base alarm monitoring

24 hour alarm monitoring is now easier and more flexible than ever before. Homes and businesses throughout the Brisbane area have a choice of a self monitored alarm, using your smartphone or remote PC, or professional back to base alarm monitoring.

These options allow users to customise their alarm monitoring to suit their requirements. Speak to our team about the monitoring options available today. We can also help with security guard response services if needed.

Bosch Security Bullet Camera
Bosch Security Bullet Surveillance Camera

Alarm repairs & maintenance services

Alarm systems are relatively easy to use. However, to ensure your system is working effectively 365 days a year we recommend a routine maintenance check and attending to alarm repairs as soon as you notice an issue.

We can take care of any alarm system repairs, alarm battery replacements, and maintenance to certify your property is safeguarded day and night.

Book an alarm system quote in Brisbane today

Whether you are looking for a new alarm system installation or an upgrade to your existing alarm, repairs or servicing Alltronic Security’s team of specialists can help. Book a quote by contacting us at 07 3353 3248 or complete our quick online alarm quote request form today.


Can I have a security system in a house with pets?
Yes, you can definitely have a security system in a house with pets. Alarm sensors are specifically designed to detect movement in your home when no one should be there. Set up correctly motion detection sensors will react instantly if someone walks into the room activating the alarm and...
Alarm systems: Sensors vs Motion detectors
Sensors and motion detectors can work hand in hand or be independent of each other and are fundamentally different concepts when it comes to alarm systems and tracking. What is an alarm sensor? An alarm sensor is a physical device which can capture and detect the changing state of a physical ...
Can I have a security alarm without a landline?
Yes, in most cases you can have a security alarm without a landline. So many homes are opting out of paying for a landline as most people have a smartphone which caters to many of the requirements a landline used to such as telephone calls, internet connection, and emails. Phone line rental...

For more in depth alarm systems information visit our Alarm systems Information page

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