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When should you call an electrician?

Don’t wait for an emergency! Here’s when to call an electrician

Power plays such a significant role in our lives; it’s easily taken for granted. In modern-day society, electricity underpins many aspects of our day-to-day operation.

More often than not, we call electricians for help when there’s a significant issue with an appliance in our home - usually in an emergency situation! Don’t hate us for saying this, but prevention IS the best fix when it comes to electrical problems.

Make sure all the appliances/mechanisms you so often rely on experience minimal downtime, by looking out for the following signs in your home.

Remember, contacting a licensed electrician is essential when experiencing the issues mentioned in this article. Electrical components can prove highly dangerous.

Your circuit breaker switch keeps tripping

Circuit breaker switches play a key role in the operation of your electrical system. Trips occur when an excessive amount of electricity channels through it; preventing overheating to your system and resulting damage.

Though the role of the circuit breaker is important to the electricity in your home, constant tripping can not only cause an annoyance but spell a potential problem.

Of course, if having to be done once every couple of months, resetting your circuit breaker is totally fine. A more regular occurrence than this ought to be kept a close eye on and, if you find you’re frequently having to reset the circuit breaker, there could be an underlying problem.

Common causes of this include wiring faults, faulty appliance outlets, and poor connections.

Regularly flickering lights

When lights flicker occasionally, it is considered a simple D.I.Y. job. For example, if a light in your bathroom is flickering, it can be a case of a bulb needing replacement.

However, if the problem is more significant than this, you will need to get professional assistance.

Examples of these problems include:

  • Constantly flickering lights whenever a household appliance is switched on
  • Flickering of lights throughout your home; given the widespread issue, it’d be a safe bet that your entire system needs attention to.


Sparking when using appliances

If occasional small sparks occur when plugging in a household appliance, it can usually be considered a non-issue. However, if the sparking happens often, and/or the spark is greater in size, this would indicate a problem; in many cases, this is a sign of loose wiring behind the outlet.

Please note: wiring repair should never be completed by you. Call a licensed electrician.

You live in an older home

The architectural elements of a traditional construction can be appealing to the eye, but sometimes their electricity systems may not be very efficient in terms of cost and safety.

Common problems we encounter in older dwellings include frayed wiring from excessive usage, temperamental circuit breakers, and faulty (sometimes non-functional) outlets.

If you live in an old home and aren’t having electrical difficulties, it is still recommended that you have a routine inspection carried out by a licenced professional to ensure maximum efficiency.

Switches and outlets are warm to touch

Every now and then, it is important to check the surfaces of the electrical switches and outlets in your home. If upon feeling them they’re warm, or you notice any discoloring, it could point to signs of a serious issue.

Power outs

Inconsistency in your lighting system is not just an inconvenience but could be a sign of a potentially serious problem. Blackouts can occur for a multitude of reasons, however if you’re experiencing regular power outages, an underlying problem in your system may be present.

Alltronic electrical services Brisbane

Our experienced, licenced electricians can take care of all your electrical service requirements across the Brisbane region. Get in touch with our team on 07 3353 3248 or submit a booking form today.

I’m in an electrical emergency - what do I do?

If your home is experiencing an electrical emergency, there’s a risk of damage to property, and threat to human life. Please stay calm, and DO NOT TOUCH anyone that is suspected of being electrocuted. Remove yourself and family from any electrical faults and contact help immediately

Emergency numbers

  • Australian Emergency Services "000"
  • Energex Emergency 24/7 "13 19 62"
  • Alltronic Electrical "07 3353 3248"


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