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Do you have circuit breakers?

A study has found that a staggering 3 out of 5 people don't know the difference between a circuit breaker, safety switch or fuse within their electrical box. Even worse than that is the common misconception that a circuit breaker will save your life.

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How circuit breakers work

A circuit breaker cuts the power to protect circuitry and appliances when a spike in current is detected. Too much current such as a surge or lightning strike can overheat appliances or wiring resulting in electrical fires.

Circuit Breakers DO NOT protect people directly and should not be relied upon to do so.

What circuit breaker do I need?

Depending on how many circuits your home has will determine how many circuit breakers you will need. Most if not all homes run on a parallel circuit meaning there is usually one circuit for your power to come in an then smaller circuits that pull that power ie. lights, power points, hot water systems etc.

For every circuit in your home, you will need a circuit breaker. The correct amount of circuit breakers will depend on the power used by each circuit. Typically it is best to only expose the circuit breaker to a maximum of 80% of its rated maximum. This allows for a small buffer before the power gets cut.

Resetting a circuit breaker

This process is generally pretty easy to do by yourself. If you know that something that you just plugged in caused the power to trip, most likely that particular appliance is causing a surge or overload. If however, you don't know what causes it. Turn everything off and unplug all your appliances. Turn on your circuit breaker and one by one start to connect up the same appliances as before.

This will help you to be able to narrow down the reason behind the tripped power. If this doesn't work or if in doubt, it is always recommended to seek the advice and help of a professional electrician .

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