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Where is my switchboard?

Knowing where the switchboard is located can be really helpful during situations like power outs or safety switch tripping. Often problems like this occur at night when finding the switchboard in the dark can be a challenge.

Depending on the type of building you live in your switchboard can be located in any number of spots.

Electrical Switchboard

Switchboards in houses

Typically in freestanding houses, townhouses, or duplexes the switchboard will be located towards the front of the building, often just around the side of the premises, to allow easy access for meter readers. Sometimes the electricity meter is separate from the switchboard in which case it could be indoors or in the garage.

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Switchboard location in apartments and units

In apartments, units, and flats you can often find the switchboard inside a cupboard in the kitchen or linen closet, however, it can be a small box attached to a wall anywhere apartment. Sometimes, the switchboard is not fitted in each unit but is located in a central position in the hallway or basement of the building.

Get to know where your switchboard is located so if something goes wrong, you’ll know where to go, however, if you are unsure of how to use your switchboard contact a licenced electrician it can be very dangerous if not used safely.