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  • Can circuit breakers wear out?

    Circuit breakers can wear out over time and will need to be replaced although this isn’t a regular or common issue. Most people will blame their circuit breakers for power trips or if there is no power to ...

  • Can electrician fix a phone line?

    Traditional, old-style phone lines are becoming a thing of the past as many homes move to modern internet systems like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Due to the phasing out of older telephones, fixing a phone system has become more complex with varied technologies and cabling used i...

  • What causes wire arcs?

    Electrical arcing typically happens over time due to switches or electrical components wearing down. An arc can occur between the contacts within a switch or electrical component. Due to the hidden nature of the electrical systems of our homes arcing often goes unnoticed, however,...

  • When should you call an electrician?

    Don’t wait for an emergency! Here’s when to call an electrician Power plays such a significant role in our lives; it’s easily taken for granted. In modern-day society, electricity underpins many aspects of our day-to-day operation. More often than not, we call


  • Is it ok to only have a fuse box?

    If your home only has a fuse box we strongly recommend asking your local electrician to upgrade it to a modern switchboard to ensure the electrical safety of your home. Older style fuse boxes are not equipped t...

  • Why is my smoke alarm beeping?

    Tired of hearing the constant beeping from your smoke alarm? We have all had to deal with an annoying smoke alarm. Before you smash it to pieces, there are some tricks to stop the beeping and regain your sanity. Remember -

  • What should you do if your safety switch keeps tripping?

    A safety switch may not be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, but they are a super important part of your home and workplace. They are just as their name suggests - a ‘safety’ mechanism to keep ...

  • 6 Warning Signs of a Circuit Overload

    Frequently tripping circuit breaker or flickering lights? Our electrical circuits can only handle so much. An overload circuit board can not only cause electrical shocks but also damage your appliances and cause a fire. How do you identify the signs of an electrical overload? And h...


  • Circuit Breaker vs Safety Switch

    When it comes to the electrical wiring in your home, the safety of you and your family is the most important thing.This is why devices such as safety switches, circuit breakers and RCDs were created, and why they are used extensi...

  • How do electrical switchboards work?

    Power sent from your electrical service provider is first sent through your electrical switchboard where it is then distributed and redirected through the different circuits connected to the switchboard.

  • How does an electrical circuit work?

    For an electrical circuit to work it must be a complete circuit which allows the electricity to flow in and out continuously. In most cases turning on a switch completes the circuit allowing the electricity to flow. An example of this is a light in your home, when you flick the switch on ...

  • How to tell electrical wires apart?

    Can we start by saying that in Australia it is illegal to carry out any work on the electrical systems in your home unless you are a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. This is to ensure safety standards are met and to protect residents, as well as anyone who w...

  • What does an electrician do?

    What services does an electrician offer? Electricians are tradespeople who install and maintain a wide variety of electrical systems and

  • What is lumen?

    The topic of lighting may not be something you think about (or talk about) on a daily basis (unless you are completing renovations, and then it becomes a topic of conversation you get sick of pretty quickly), but when you need to change...

  • What is the difference between electrical contractor and electrician?

    Electrical contractor vs electrician There is a common misconception that an electrician and an electrical contractor are the same thing. Basically an electrical contractor is an individual or company that employs ele...

  • Where is my switchboard?

    Knowing where the switchboard is located can be really helpful during situations like power outs or safety switch tripping. Often problems like this occur at night when finding the switchboard in the dark can be...

  • Are there different light bulb types?

    It's a situation that you've had many times before - you need to replace a light bulb and you head to your local hardware store or supermarket for a replacement. You find the correct area of the shop however, and are met with a huge variety of light bulbs to choose from... different sizes...

  • Is Home Automation Worth it?

    Make your life easier with Home Automation Imagine this, you wake up... walk to the kitchen and your coffee is ready. Your morning tunes are playing in the background. When you return home, your driveway lights up and the garage door opens automatically. Welcome to the w...

  • Are you aware of the new smoke alarm legislation in QLD?

    Find out what the smoke alarm updates mean for you & your household As of the 1st of January, 2017, new legislation for smoke...


  • Are all light fixtures dimmable?

    The vast majority of light fixtures are able to work with standard dimmer switches but not all have this functionality. Dimmed light bulbs are a great energy-conserving idea for homes as they can cut down the amount of...

  • Can an Electrician or Data Cabler install a security system?

    What is a Security Provider? In order to install cabling and equipment for an electronic security system including CCTV, the installer must have 2 separate mandatory licences: Cabling Registration A Security Provider Licence, specifically a 

  • Should you invest in smart lights?

    Smart lights aren't an entirely new concept but have considerably grown in popularity as the reliance on technology increases. But, are they really worth the hype? We could write the shortest page ever and just respond with ‘yes, you sh...

  • What are integrated LED light fixtures?

    In short, an integrated LED light fixture is a light fixture that has a permanent LED light attached to it. Old style light fixtures allow you to change the bulb when the light is blown or fails, however, integrated fittings rem...

  • Where should you have smoke alarms?

    Ensure your home is as safe from fire as possible A properly functioning smoke alarm system is key to ensuring safety in your household. Make sure that in the event of fire you and your family are alerted immediately to maximise the chance of a safe evacuation. With majo...

  • Can an electrician install a security camera?

    The short answer is yes your electrician can install a security camera. However, they must hold an additional security equipment installers license and may also need a...

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