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Are all light fixtures dimmable?

The vast majority of light fixtures are able to work with standard dimmer switches but not all have this functionality.

Dimmed light bulbs are a great energy-conserving idea for homes as they can cut down the amount of electricity a bulb is using. However, whilst dimmer switches reduce the intensity of light being produced within a room, they do require a compatible light bulb to operate correctly.

Light switch with dimmer

Universal dimmers are specifically designed to work with low voltage CFL and LED light bulbs. If you ensure that you have low voltage lights and a low voltage dimmer everything should work.

Magnetic and electronic dimmers

There are two types of low voltage dimmers. The first uses a magnetic system to dim the lights and the second is electronically dimmed. Your electrician will have to check voltage requirements prior to installation in order to determine which type of dimmer will suit your current light fixture.

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