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Can an Electrician or Data Cabler install a security system?

What is a Security Provider?

In order to install cabling and equipment for an electronic security system including CCTV, the installer must have 2 separate mandatory licences:

  • Cabling Registration
  • A Security Provider Licence, specifically a Class 2 licence

Essentially designed to enhance property protection, The types of security equipment covered can include:

  • alarm systems
  • audio or visual recording systems (CCTV)
  • access control devices
  • safes and vaults
  • intrusion detectors.
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What is a Security Equipment Installer licence?

This licence gives the ability for a security equipment installer to perform a range of duties on any type of security device. They can also install, repair or maintain:

  • Acoustic devices
  • Electronic equipment
  • Mechanical devices
  • Anything that is specifically designed or adapted for security


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Can my electrician install a security system?

If an electrician wants to install, repair or maintain security equipment as part of their job, they also need to be licensed as a security provider and will need a data cabling licence.

Can a Data Cabler install a security system?

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects or is intended to connect with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler, or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler. As well as being a Registered cabler, the Data cabler must also hold a Security Equipment Installer licence.

Security provider prerequisites

If an electrician, cabler or any other contractor want to work with electronic security, they must hold a proper security installers licence. This licence comes with the following prerequisites:

  • They have not been to prison in the last 10 years
  • They have not committed an indictable offence in the last 5 years
  • They have been fingerprinted (to identify them for any future crimes)
  • Have been approved by the commissioner of police

Why do we need a Security Equipment Installer licence?

Surveillance of any kind is usually mission critical and carries extremely sensitive data. It plays a vital role in working on public safety and law enforcement as well as protecting critical infrastructure. For this reason, it is important that everyone is licensed.

It is important to note that not all electricians will install home security systems and dedicated installers will generally have undergone specific training and accreditation to be registered as cablers.

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