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Security October 5, 2021

Simple ways to boost your home security system

Enlisting a home security specialist to install a top-quality home alarm system is a great step towards protecting your family and your possessions. However, there are many other ways you can help to safeguard your home, most of them are very simple tasks you could carry out over the weekend.

Keep your garden tidy and pruned

An overgrown garden with lots of bushy shrubs can provide ample hiding places for thieves, allowing them to enter your home unseen. Cutting back shrubs, trees and plants ensures your home is visible from the road and neighbours, and if you have security cameras they have an uninterrupted view of the property and potential entry points.

While we are on the topic of your garden, did you know your choice of plants can help boost your home security? We’ve written a whole blog post on how the humble plant can aid in keeping your home safe.

Hot home security tip - Prickly plants like roses, bougainvillaea, or cacti work great placed along the front or back fence line.


Security lighting

This one will need the help of your electrician but will be very effective. Upgrading your porch or front and back garden light to a motion-activated sensor light means you and the neighbours always know someone is approaching the house.

Find out more about security lighting here - which security lighting is best for your home?

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Use your locks

Many homes have great deadbolts and locks on the windows and doors but residents fail to use them or only do the minimum.

Deadbolts are only effective if you lock them. It’s understandable when you’re in a rush to get out of the house that you just lock the front door and go but by doing this you leave your home vulnerable to a break-in. Take two minutes to engage the window bolts and deadbolt the front and back doors, it could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Remove the key from the deadbolt when you’re home, especially if the door is glass or has glass panels.

Note - leave the key near the door but not within easy reach to ensure you can get out quickly in the event of a fire.

Stay off social media

Hitting the beach for a well-earned break this holiday? Enjoy yourself but wait until you’re home to put your photos on social media. Peppering your Facebook or Insta page with chilled ocean views lets everyone know you’re not at home. Even though you think you can trust your friends, many break-ins are crimes of opportunity. And frankly when was the last time you really looked at your friend or follow list?

Sign up for alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring offers peace of mind that someone is always keeping an eye on your home. And can respond to alarm activations when you’re not able to.