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Security November 23, 2023

Home Security Guide

A Practical Guide to Improve Your Home Security

Welcome to our Home Security Guide! 2021-2023 saw a worrying rise in the number of break-ins of homes in Brisbane, pointing to an increased concern about safety in the residential areas of the city; as highlighted in our Unlawful Entry on the Rise in Brisbane blog.

This growing problem has underlined the need for homeowners to take proactive steps to create safer homes. In this guide, we will explore the many different measures you can take to ensure that your home is properly safeguarded against unlawful entry activities.Now is the time to protect our homes, loved ones and property, by learning how to best install safeguards against unlawful entry.

With our Home Security Guide, you can create a safer home for yourself and your family.

Man attempting unlawful entry to a house. break-in via window or door

Key Principles For Your Home Security

Unlawful entry is one of the most common crimes, and it may surprise you to hear that break-ins occur at any time, day or night. Therefore, it is important to remain mindful of these key principles for your home security:

  • Make it easy for an offender to be seen
  • Make it difficult for an offender to gain entry
  • Make it difficult for an offender to exit with your property
  • Make it difficult for an offender to gain benefit from your property

Taken from QLD police Home Security Guide

6 Layer Home Security Assessment

A good way to check how safe your home is starts outside and moves inside, using different security measures at each step. Most houses, apartments or townhouses, can use a 6 layer approach to see how safe they are and make improvements if needed.

You can determine which layers to add more security by using a layer-by-layer approach. Choose security measures that are suitable for your lifestyle and situation by paying attention to the specific layers.

QLD Police's 6 Layer Security Assessment
QLD Police Home Security Guide

Top Tips to Secure Your Home - The Basics

  • Locking windows
  • Lock all doors
  • Don't leave keys and valuable items on display
  • Keep your car(s) and other motor vehicles in lockable garage, if possible
  • If you plan to go out at night, or going on holiday, have your lights set on timers to come on at night
  • Don't leave spare key under doormat or flower pot - give it to a trusted friend, neighbour or family member

Internal Home Security

As part of your internal home security plan it is important to think about ways to make it difficult for an offender to leave with your property if they do break into your home.

These can include things such as sensors for windows and doors, CCTV cameras and smart locks which require a code or fingerprint to open. Utilising these measures can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home and valued possessions and property.

Internal security measures can include:

  • Alarm system
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Locked doors, windows and patio doors bolted
  • Ensure all internal keys are removed from the locks
  • Motion sensors on windows and doors to raise the alarm if sensors are disrupted during attempted break-in
  • Ensure door from garage into your home is lockable

External Home Security

External home security measures should act as a deterrent to would-be offenders and create as much difficulty as possible for them to gain entry to your property. It’s important to ensure that a range of security elements are present outside your home, both to prevent any offence from taking place and to provide evidence of any crime from occurring on your property.

Each component you install for your external home security armoury adds another layer of protection, providing essential peace of mind that your property and its contents are properly protected.

Various external security measures can include:

  • CCTV security cameras installed - with or without night vision
  • Security grills / screens / gates on all windows and doors for extra protection
  • Keep the garage door securely locked
  • Ensure all gates and security doors are locked
  • Add signage advertising CCTV cameras, dog onsite, alarm systems etc

The ULTIMATE Security Solution for the BEST Home Security Possible

If you are looking for the best home security available to protect your home and loved ones, there are various alarm monitoring services available.

Self monitored alarms allow you to monitor and control your alarm remotely from your mobile or tablet. However, if you are away from your property and without a phone signal, you cannot monitor or oversee a self monitored alarm. To make sure that you are always in the know when it comes to security, a back to base alarm monitoring system is the ideal solution.

With a Back-to-Base alarm monitoring system, you can be sure that your property will be monitored 24 hours a day for your peace of mind and safety. Back to base alarms guarantee that a company designated for alarm monitoring will respond immediately when an alarm is triggered, giving you the ultimate security solution.

Alltronic Security provides the best home security possible with their back-to-base alarm monitoring system, so call our friendly team today on 07 3353 3248 or complete our online enquiry form for further information on how your home can benefit from our security solutions.