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Security October 18, 2021

Which security lighting is best for your home?

Ensuring your home security lighting provides the best protection for your property just takes a bit of forethought and planning but is easily achievable for every home.

Security lighting doesn’t have to entail huge floodlights which illuminate the whole suburb or allow your home to be seen from space. It can be as subtle as creative landscape or garden lighting, or the single bulb over the front door or gate. Well placed lights which deter intruders and remove dark areas all count as security lighting.

If you’re building and are planning your outdoor lighting you have a great opportunity to get it right from the beginning. However, even if your existing home needs a lighting upgrade your electrician can add lights where needed to boost security measures around the house.

Two options - timed or sensor lights

The two main options, and there are a huge selection within these two categories, are timed lights and motion sensor lights.

  • Timed - programmed to turn on from dusk to dawn each day, providing constant light, much like street lights. Your electrician can set up a timer which allows you to adjust the on/off times for short summer and long winter nights.
  • Sensor - only turn on when movement is detected in the sensor area.

Common lighting mistakes

Avoid shining a bright light into your neighbour's bedroom by paying close attention to the angle of the light and style of light fitting when designing your system.

It is vital to locate light fittings high enough to prevent an intruder easily breaking or tampering with the bulb but not so high that the light diffuses by the time it reaches the ground or spreads into neighbouring yards.

Good security lighting can go a long way to helping with crime prevention, however, it’s also really crucial that lights are not placed where they will interfere with your CCTV cameras , rather than assisting them. Test the light positions at night while the cameras are on to reduce glare, light interference, and ensure the correct areas are being illuminated.


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Critical lighting positions

Covering the basic entry areas of your home is essential.

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Other external entrances such as the laundry, patio, or balcony doors
  • Driveway and garage door
  • Garden gates and driveway gates

In addition to these areas, assess any dark sections near windows, such as those shaded or blocked from the main lights by large shrubs, trees or fences.

Indoor and outdoor lights

Don’t stop your security lighting plan outdoors, adding a timer to some indoor lights can help confuse intruders and protect your home when you’re out. Make sure the timer varies each day so it is not obvious that it is a timer.

Security Tip - if the street light goes out near your home contact the council to alert them to the issue straight away so repairs can be made promptly. A dark area around your home can make your home more attractive to thieves.

Brisbane residents you can report faulty streetlights via the Energex website here - energex.com.au

The perfect security lighting system

Each home and building will have unique aspects which make the security lighting requirements different. Speak to your local electrician for expert advice on the best lighting design and fittings for your home.