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Security October 4, 2021

Everything you need to know about Smart Security

If you’ve ever installed a security system in your home, then you’ll be well versed in the benefits vs problems struggle of your old security system. Many homeowners are sworn off home security systems due to their previous frustrations such as having to reset the alarm every time the family pet enters the room.

With recent technological advancements in the past few years and the growing reliability placed on devices and home systems like Google’s Home Hub or Amazon’s Echo, the creation of smart home security systems have been a long time coming.

Now that smart security has arrived in multiple user friendly and home compatible models, it can all get a little confusing. Alltronic Security and Electrical are experts in all things security and can walk you through all the need to know basics when considering a security system installation.

What is smart security?

A smart home security system is connected to your WiFi network which then subsequently monitors all installed security devices using an app on your smartphone. Smart security can include just security cameras or an alarm system or both. Having smart security just refers to the technology and complete control of all systems, whether it involves live stream viewing through a camera or externally switching your alarm system on while you’re out of the house.

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The benefits of installing a smart security system

You may be thinking to yourself, my home isn’t in a high crime area, do I really need an entire security system?

While you’re not too concerned about break ins, there are still many benefits to a home security system that you might not have realised.

  • A smart security system is always on and working, even if there’s not a high chance of a direct crime happening. This means that smart technology can alert you when the kids or your partner arrives home and it can show you a live camera feed to save you from having to go into the next room to check on the kids or pets. A favourite feature of some is the ability to see who is at your front door and communicate with them through a video doorbell
  • As the name suggests, smart security systems allow for easy use and are less constricted than your old system. By being easily connected through your phone app, you get to control when the alarm is turned on or off and there is also the added option of controlling the smart thermostat or lights
  • The system not only looks out for major security breaches but it also picks up smaller issues that could lead to major ones- like the back door being left unlocked before bedtime (even though you swear you thought you locked it)
  • You have the option of professional security continuously monitoring your app for any breaches in the alarm. If you do face the frightening reality of a home intruder, a smart system will automatically alert a monitoring station to dispatch police without you needing to touch a specific panic button
  • If you’re away on holiday but you’re hit with the sudden doubt of whether or not you locked all the doors, having a security system in an app form can be very handy for peace of mind
  • The biggest benefit of a smart security system as many homeowners would agree, could be the ability to control which zones send off notifications when there’s movement or sound. This means you can focus on a small radius surrounding the backdoor, not on the kids playing in the backyard because let’s face it no one wants to receive 50 push notifications on normal daily activities

What type of smart security system should I get?

There is now an abundance of security solutions offered on the market however it is important to understand and consider the needs of your home before you invest in any particular brand.

The Alltronic Security and Electrical brand favourites are Bosch and Micron, as they have reliable, long lasting equipment to suit the average person's security needs and have good value for money.

While each of these brands has unique benefits, it's important that you speak to an experienced team such as Alltronic security when deciding which system works best for you. Speaking to the team can help clear up any questions or concerns you may have on installing a smart security system, it’s as easy as calling 07 3353 3248.