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Security October 4, 2021

How does a duress alarm work?

A duress alarm is a small alarm, often the size of a pendant or ID tag, which can be carried at all times by at-risk persons to provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

What is a duress alarm used for?

Personal duress alarms are used to monitor at-risk individuals and create a means of instant communication with support systems.

Lone Resident in a house

Who uses duress or personal alarms?

At-risk persons could be the elderly, medically at risk, lone workers, or employees working in dangerous situations.

Where can they be used?

Personal duress alarms can be used just about anywhere.

The elderly could utilise a personal alarm in their home, aged care facility, or assisted living estate to gain assistance or alert health support services if an accident or illness which requires immediate attention occurs.

Workers who spend much of their day working by themselves, such as community health nurses or meter readers, can use a duress alarm to notify an employer or emergency services in the event of an accident or dangerous situation.

What happens when the duress alarm is activated?

Each situation will vary as to the procedure following a personal alarm activation.

During the setup of the alarm, procedures will need to be set in place which will provide specific support or emergency assistance for the individual. Careful consideration needs to be taken to determine what these actions are for the individual's particular circumstances.

This can vary from the notification of a neighbour or family member to contacting emergency services or medical support personnel, depending on the precise needs of the individual.

In an emergency a duress alarm can very quickly action a pre-arranged set of procedures, providing a fast response to potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations.

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