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Security October 11, 2021

4 smart home security tips you may have missed

OK, so you're all over the basics of home security; invest in good quality locks, use them and lock the doors, windows, garage and car, don't leave your jewellery and diamonds by the front window for all to see, install a good quality security alarm system, etc.

But what else can you do to stay one step ahead of anyone thinking of targeting your home? Have you considered these ideas?

Sliding doors and windows

Place a metal bar or pipe into the tracks behind the movable section of a glass sliding door or sliding window to reinforce locks.

Lock your electricity meter box

Potential thieves may try to switch off the power to your home in the hope of disabling the security alarm system and lights, locking the electricity meter box prevents this from being an option.

It may sound tricky to arrange, but in reality, it's quite straightforward. Energex, or one of their approved locksmiths, can supply you with a lock which is accessible by the Energex meter reader's master key.

Find out more about locking the meter box - energex.com.au

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Keep your home alarm system in good repair

If you've ever lived in a neighbourhood where an alarm going off is a regular occurrence you'll know how quickly you start to ignore the sound. If your security system is plagued with false alarms get it repaired or adjusted so your neighbours don't ignore it if it does go off.

Make it difficult to get out

Making your home as difficult as possible to get out of means thieves can't remove your property easily, even if they manage to get in. Key-operated window locks and deadbolts on the entry doors, backed by a quality security alarm, make it hard to get out and uncomfortable to be in, hopefully sending thieves away quickly.

Please note - Never leave keys in the locks when you're out, however, to allow for a quick exit in the event of an emergency or fire it's a good idea to leave keys in the main door locks when you're at home.

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