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Is your property safe at night?

It is a fairly known fact that most intruders and criminals operate in the night time under the cover of darkness. They prefer this as it is harder to see them as well as distinguish them from the dark surroundings. Having security lighting removes their ability to sneak and exposes them in their tracks. This causes the intruder to feel uncomfortable and to leave your propert.

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Benefits of security lighting

The main benefits of security lighting is the increased security to the exterior of your home. Having sensor lights strategically placed around your home can scare off any unwanted visitors.

A survey was conducted with various convicted burglars on what would most likely deter them from breaking into a home. 51% of their replies were lighting related.

  • 49% Stated that a security alarm would have stopped them.
  • 22% Said functioning sensor lights would have deterred them.
  • 19% Claimed that having lights on in the house would have put them off.
  • 10% Expressed that if your home was highly visible from the street it would have made them too nervous to commit the crime.

Types of security lighting

There are two main types of of sensor lights that you can install on your property.

  1. Flood Lights: These types of lights are good from around entry points to the home such as above the garage, front door and back door. They can also be good at lighting large areas such as the backyard and side pathway
  2. Decorative Lights: These are typically used to light pathways and garden beds around the outside of the home. They are only dull glowing but allow enough light to be able to see the immediate area.

Things to watch

When you have security lighting it is very visible during the day when it isn't operational. Some thieves can take this time to tilt the sensors upwards or turn the lights outwards in order to not be see in the night. It is always a good idea to have a general check of your lights and sensors once in a while.

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