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Security October 5, 2021

Should I pay attention to crime statistics?

It can affect your insurance premiums, property prices, what the shopping strip down the road looks like (security grills and roller doors or pot plants and picture windows) and so much more. The frequency of break-ins or general crime in the area you live in can affect your lifestyle as well, but should we all be locking the doors, bolting the windows and hiding under the bed?

Not really.

Australia ranked 20th in the top 23 safest countries in the world to live.* We have an amazing country where outdoor living and utilising our beautiful open spaces, stunning countryside, and clean well-maintained parks is commonplace, even in our most densely populated cities. Our comparably small population is relatively safe and law-abiding.

That's not to say there is no crime, a quick look at your local evening news program will tell of all the bad stuff that's going on in your neighbourhood and the internet will report any that the TV news missed. One neighbourhood can be more susceptible than another but as far as your home security, taking practical common-sense measures to protect your property should be standard where ever you live.

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The trouble with crime statistics is that they change every month and probably paint a frightening picture of any suburb. Complacency in a relatively safe area can be just as impractical as living in fear in a so-called 'at risk' area. Everywhere is at risk and everywhere can be safe. Thieves don't care where you live and are happy to travel to a new suburb.

Deadbolting all entry points, installing security lighting, keeping your home visible from the street and investing in a quality reliable home security system will help protect your home, whether you live in Logan, Mt Gravatt, Ascot, or McDowall.

For more advice on staying safe in your home, where ever you live, speak to your local home security specialist for expert recommendations on protecting your property.

Want to know what's going on in your Brisbane neighbourhood? Take a look at the Crime Map - crimemap.info

Ref: *Legatum Institute 2016 Legatum Prosperity Index

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