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Security October 15, 2021

Is alarm monitoring worth it?

We get asked this question a lot when we're installing new security systems. Is alarm monitoring worth it? I'm getting a great system why do I need to pay for monitoring as well? Can't my neighbour just come round and check the house if we're not home when the alarm goes off? These are all very logical questions to ask when you're considering if adding an alarm monitoring service to your home security system is really necessary.

The quick answers to these three questions are:

  • Yes, alarm monitoring is worth it,
  • Monitoring provides the next level of security and peace of mind for your family and home,
  • What if your neighbour is not home when the alarm goes off? What happens then?

Having an alarm system is only part of the solution, without monitoring security alarms can just be an annoying noise your neighbourhood endures.

The value of security monitoring

Reduce insurance premiums

Having a security system with a professional alarm monitoring service can potentially reduce the cost of your home and contents insurance. (Check with your insurance provider for specific details about your policy.) The drop in premiums could even neutralise the cost of monitoring, a win-win.

Peace of mind

Everyone has some items in their home which are irrecoverable; family heirlooms, art, collectables, etc. Unfortunately, some things can't be replaced, no matter how much insurance you have. Alarm monitoring is an investment, just like good insurance and a quality home security system, in protecting your valuables. The combination of all of these elements can provide peace of mind and a comprehensive security safeguard for your valuables.

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Flexible monitoring options

Depending on your home situation, property location, and the needs of your family, the level of alarm monitoring you choose can differ.

Some are happy with a self-monitored system which texts or calls you when the alarm is activated. Select security systems will provide remote viewing of CCTV footage from your mobile or PC allowing you to see what's happening and make assessments about what action to take.

For others, choosing a professional back-to-base alarm monitoring service provides the best, most thorough security for their home. If you're in a situation where your phone is off, switched to silent, or if you're out of range when the alarm goes off a monitoring service can act on your behalf, usually calling those on your nominated contacts list, dispatching a security guard, or contacting the police. (The exact process will depend on your desired response procedure.)

Added protection

Many security companies offer extra assistance including a guard response service which can dispatch an experienced security guard to your property when an alarm is triggered to check the cause of the alarm and, if a break-in has occurred, secure the building until you, a friend, or the police arrive.

If you're away from home for extended periods or just out on a regular basis (you work regular hours) a roving security check can be arranged to provide a random presence at the property, plus they can carry out a physical inspection of entry points and the security system's operation to ensure your home is protected.

An alarm monitoring service is always there, even when you, your neighbours, and your friends are out or busy. It provides the top level of home security protection for your property.

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