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Where should I place security cameras for the best protection?

Choosing where to install security cameras may seem obvious for some homes and businesses, however this is not always the case. Each property will have unique aspects of its design which need to be taken into account when planning your security system, meaning differing placements for different homes.

Home Security System

Ensuring that every vantage point is covered and each potential entry and exit monitored is essential when setting up your security surveillance system. Capturing a clear, well-lit image of an intruder or event is crucial to help the police identify the offenders. It is a waste if you invest in the best system on the market and then fail to place it in the best position to completely monitor all aspects of your property. Incorrect positioning could miss vulnerable areas of your property and you may not be able to use the security footage to identify and catch thieves or trespassers.

Has your home or building every been broken into? Where did the thieves enter the property? Where did they exit? Which areas inside the home did they target? These points could provide a snap-shot of vulnerable areas of your home as well as easy to access entry points.

Important security camera placement tips

  • Make the front and back doors a priority, as well as lower floor windows

  • Don't forget the garage door or laundry entryway which could give access to the house

  • Position cameras to reduce tampering or damage - a camera which is within easy can be disabled with a stick or stone, so ensure the camera is out of reach as much as possible or cover with a protective casing

  • Don't place cameras too high as caps and hats or shade can obscure faces and hamper identification

  • Place a camera to monitor off-street windows or windows hidden from the road by trees or foliage

  • Don't position cameras so they look into your neighbour's house or garden for privacy reasons

    Neighbours Home

  • Ensure cameras used for outdoor surveillance are waterproof and have night vision or infrared capabilities if not paired with sensor lights

  • Note each cameras Field of View (FoV) measurements when deciding on placement, as some cameras will capture a wide shallow area (2.8mm lens), while others are designed to record a long narrow area (12mm lens)

  • Always place a security camera to keep an eye on the gate or garden entryway if your yard is fenced

  • Wireless cameras offer greater flexibility when positioning in difficult to access locations

Motion activated spotlights can increase the effectiveness of surveillance cameras which don't have infrared capabilities, as well as working as a secondary deterrent to make your home even less inviting to potential thieves. However, be careful to avoid interfering with the camera vision by placing a very bright spotlight too near the camera.

Outdoor security cameras

The front and back door, where most people enter and exit the building, are great starting points. Crime statistics back this up, with the front and back door being the most common entry points for thieves during a break-in.

Security Cameras

The lower, easily accessible windows, both on the ground and first floor, are an often used entry point as well and as such need to be monitored. A frequent issue with getting clear, unobstructed vision of lower windows can be gardens, bushes, and trees. Make sure you keep foliage trimmed to avoid it getting in the way of the camera.

Entry to your home or business can also be gained through the:

  • laundry door
  • garage
  • loading dock
  • staff or trade entrance
  • veranda, patio, or balcony doors
  • gates

Ensure a camera is placed above or adjacent to these access points if they are assessed as being at risk.

Camera’s need to be located high enough to reduce the chance of tampering but low enough that they capture facial features sharply, without hats or shade interfering. This height can vary depending on many factors including obstacles and roof height.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Our advice is to invest in quality security cameras which provide you with clear recording in various light conditions, with night vision if needed. Make sure the camera you purchase has the right features to cover that specific area chosen, and that it is paired with the correct lighting requirements.

Indoor security cameras

Installing a security camera in every room of your home or business is usually not practical. Choosing specific important areas to monitor or selecting access areas such as the hall or living space is more ideal. You may choose to place a camera in rooms containing valuables or expensive equipment, like the media room or lounge or if you'd like to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your family, the front or back door would be ideal spots.

If you have indoor pets, make sure the indoor cameras are set to allow for their presence to avoid constant false alarms or hours of vision of your dog or cat wondering the house.

Inside Pets

Pairing your security camera system with a top quality alarm system with motion detection sensors and monitoring can provide added protection for your property, family, or staff.

Where to get help with your security cameras?

An experienced security professional will be able to provide you with specific advice catered to your property and security requirements to ensure your security camera system meets all of your needs. Don't underestimate the value of an experienced eye when planning the surveillance camera system for your property. A security specialist will quickly identify potential weak spots in your home security and create a system which ensures coverage of all aspects of your property, indoors and outdoors.

Security cameras are just part of the solution to fully protect your home. Good quality deadbolts on all the doors and windows, a well functioning monitored alarm system, as well as ensuring there is a clear view of the property from the road or neighbours house all help to keep your home safe and secure.

Alltronic Security

If you’re in Brisbane, contact Alltronic Security on 07 3353 3248 for the best in home and commercial security surveillance systems.  They will be able to assist with both choosing and installing the best system for your needs, no matter the circumstances. 

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