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Do security cameras record all the time?

Security cameras are a key facet of home security systems. Whether you’re protecting a domestic dwelling or have invested in a comprehensive commercial system, you should be aware of their function; that goes beyond the concern of merely filming a chosen area of your premises.

A question we’re often asked is about how often security cameras record. Is it constantly, or just some of the time? If the latter is the case, how does it know when exactly to record?

Alltronic Security are experts in all aspects of home security, and can certainly answer this question. In short, it depends; primarily, there is a choice of ways in which security cameras can operate.

Motion recording and continuous recording security cameras

The answer to the question is often dependent on the recording capacity your camera has, along with what and why you’re monitoring. For instance, if the camera is watching over an area prone to crime, it’d be preferable to have a recording take place for long durations.

In other areas, such as the kitchen of a domestic dwelling, the owner of the security system may opt for a camera that only detects motion.

The most common security camera varieties are continuous video recording (CVR) and motion recording.


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Continuous recording (CVR)

Continuous video recording is capable of catching all activities, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. When you’re constantly needing to keep a watchful eye over an area of your premises, CVR is the option to go for.

CVR camera footage can be saved to view at a later time and can be hosted both locally, and/or on the cloud. Though there’s a feeling of footage control that comes with local hosting, there are limitations on how much you can record, varying based on the storage space available on your attached card.

The option of motion recording

More easily installed and managed than their comprehensive CVR counterparts, motion detecting cameras are fantastic at capturing movements in their vicinity. This provides a simpler method of narrowing down the exact footage you want to view.

The sensors built in to systems recognise motion, instantly taking photos and videos, with the additional capability of sending alerts to your device; which negates the need for constant monitoring.

Not having to be concerned about storage space is another huge positive for motion sensor detectors.

With most models, it’s possible to choose specific time slots to detect, as well as adjusting the sensitivity at which it operates.

Security Camera

Home security camera storage

Footage storage options for security camera can vary, are dependent on the system. The primary methods to which footage can be recorded to include:

  • Cloud, or internet-based storage
  • SD cards - have a range of storage space options available
  • Your home PC
  • Network video recorder (NVR) or digital video recorder (DVR)

Remember to ensure the compatibility of your storage system with your camera of purchase. Also, recall that the type of storage, and space thereof, that you will need revolves around what and when you want to record.

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