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Can CCTV cameras work without electricity?

A common question that people ask when researching whether to invest in CCTV cameras is whether they will work without electricity. The answer is both yes and no, which will probably confuse you even more, so it’s worthwhile doing your homework and considering all the available options before making a choice. It all depends on the way in which the camera relies on retrieving its energy, but how about we talk CCTV basics first.

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What is CCTV?

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television or video surveillance, is a private video which is generally used for the purpose of security or surveillance for a particular property or area. CCTV is heavily reliant on the placement of cameras to ensure maximum observation, which usually occurs on monitors strictly for security purposes, to ensure the best outlooks available.

Why have CCTV?

CCTV is a great addition to any security system, allowing a closed-circuit video stream of both interior and exterior areas of your home and business to be seen on a set of monitors for security purposes.

There are many types of CCTV cameras, including wireless options, wired cameras, solar choices and even battery-powered systems, all of which offer pros and cons to the interested parties. But what happens when the power goes out due to a storm or a failed electricity grid - does your CCTV camera still work?


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Do CCTV cameras work without electricity?

Some do and some do not, depending on the model of the camera. A lot of CCTV cameras run on power, meaning they will cease functioning if the power goes out. There are other options, however, which will continue running with or without electricity which includes:

  • Battery powered, wireless security cameras (remember, these will require charging)
  • Solar-powered security cameras
  • Back-up generators

Remember, just because your security camera may be wireless, doesn’t mean it is battery powered! And if you don’t have a security system already, and are thinking of having one installed, you will need to decide how important it is to you that your system runs irrelevant of the electricity status.

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