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What is an IP security camera?

IP cameras use refined sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to produce and analyse images like your eyes do.

IP cameras often used for security surveillance because they offer clear images and connectivity flexibility. A great feature of this style of security camera is it allows the user to view footage recorded by the camera via a remote device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer via an internet connection.

The security alarm and camera system can be set up to send a notification or email straight to your phone when an intrusion or unusual motion is detected so you can check footage and respond quickly.

Finding footage is easier

Another benefit of IP cameras is the digital video analytics available which allows users to analyse and find images using a much simpler process compared to analog cameras and recording systems. The system can be set up to identify certain events, actions, or people, making finding specific footage of a break-in or incident amongst hours and hours of recording much easier.


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Storage options

Depending on how your security system is set up, the requirements of your property, and the size of the area being monitored the footage can be saved to SD storage in camera, to a recording station (NVR), or remotely to cloud storage.

Reduced cabling

PoE (Power over Ethernet) cabling provides power and communication signal through one ethernet cable. Using PoE cables you can reduce the cabling requirements for your security system as several cameras can be connected to a single wire, which is then fitted to the network video recorder (NVR) digital storage system. This has removed the need for one port per camera on recording equipment.

High-quality video

IP cameras offer higher quality recording and vision than older style analog cameras on a whole. However, not all IP camera's are the same, purchasing a quality camera from a reputable brand will provide better results than a cheap camera every time. Standard resolution for IP cameras is 1080p HD.

This style of digital camera can also provide a wider field of view than an analog option, which means fewer cameras needed to monitor large open areas, like the front or back garden.

Other features

  • IP cameras offer a range of communication options including WiFi, a wireless network (cellular), or wired systems.
  • Some models provide a two-way audio function allowing users to talk through and receive sound from the camera.
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) capabilities - allowing remote control of the movement of the camera.
  • Night vision and low light function for clear images in bad light.

Points to consider

  • Good internet and WiFi security are essential to keep systems and communication secure.
  • Currently, a good quality IP camera is more expensive than an equivalent analog camera.
  • Wireless cameras can use significant bandwidth, ensure you investigate the camera as well as the whole system requirements to ensure your home or business has the internet service to cope with the security system.

More information on security camera features here - Essential features to consider when choosing security cameras

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