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Security October 4, 2021

Benefits of home lighting automation

Home automation is the next big thing in home design in the modern world. From the convenience of your phone, you can control just about anything in your house, from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). Arm and disarm your alarm system to let the cleaner in and out. Drop the thermostat on your air conditioner to cool the house down before you arrive home from work. Turn the washing machine on, the home theatre and sound system off, or just check on the dog, home automation lets you take charge of a range of electrical appliances and systems in your home without having to be there.

Our electrical team recently completed a home lighting automation project in Brisbane. The job involved adding a complete smart lighting system throughout Australian cricketing star Chris Lynn’s home.

Using Diginet Sitara lighting control systems Alltronic electrician Shane Mitcherson created an easy-to-use whole home, fully integrated automated lighting structure which allows Chris to control his lights via a tablet.

The Diginet Sitara system involves installing dimmer switches on the lighting circuits you wish to control. Choose just a few areas to start with, such as the living rooms or master bedroom, or network all the lights in your home. Begin with just a few areas or rooms and gradually extend as needed.

Benefits of smart home automation lighting control

Fitting these automation systems throughout your home used to be a significant investment. New systems, like Diginet Sitara, make centrally controlling your lights accessible for most homeowners. The benefits of installing this functionality in your home extend past the novelty of not having to get off the couch to dim the lights.

Reduced power use

The scheduling function allows you to turn lights off or on at regular times, saving power every day. Left the lights on at home? Not a problem, simply use the app on your phone to turn lights off with the touch of a button.

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Create a random schedule to turn lights on in the evening and off later at night to create a ‘Mockumancy’ or give a lived-in impression, regardless of where you are in the world.

Switch lights on from the car so you don’t have to enter a dark home.

Timers allow you to set and forget. Never come back to a dark home again no more dashing around the house turning off lights at bedtime.

Create a mood

Create the mood for a quiet dinner or set the perfect ambience for a big party. Dim the lights in the media room or all through the house. Grouping lights together makes adjustments quick and consistent.

All styles of lighting can be connected including downlights, kitchen lighting, and outdoor lights. As well as all types of bulbs LED, halogen, fluorescent, dimmable and non-dimmable.

Home automation integration

Integrate your lighting system with the rest of your home automation using your smartphone, tablet or pc, or operate using voice activation with Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Affordable home automation lighting control from anywhere.

Would you like to know more about installing smart automated lighting throughout your home? Contact our Brisbane electrician Shane on 07 3353 3248 or complete our electrical booking form today.