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Monitored alarms and NBN - can they go together?

The short answer is yes, yes they can… but you’re likely here for more than a ‘yes’.

With the roll out of the NBN across Australia, your phone and internet connections aren’t the only things you should be considering… don’t forget your alarm system too! Irrelevant of the type of alarm system or alarm monitoring device you have, it is important to also check their capability to connect to the NBN.

Alarm Monitoring

In this article, we are focusing on monitored alarms and the NBN - do they go together? If you have any further questions, feel free to give Alltronic Security a call on 07 3353 3248 today.

Alarm monitoring and the NBN

When it comes to monitored alarm systems, most devices are programmed to ‘check-in’ with the monitoring system to ensure everything is working appropriately. They also send a notification if anything is happening that it shouldn’t, such as sending a notification if an alarm has been tripped. How do systems do this though?

Back-to-base systems

Back-to-base systems are older-style options that call the monitoring service for a check-in. They generally use the traditional copper phone lines to communicate (otherwise known as your home phone and internet services if you haven’t moved over to the NBN), which are being disconnected after the NBN rolls out.

Mobile connected systems

Mobile connected systems are newer-style systems that use the internet to communicate. They use the NBN and VOIP to relay monitoring checks and provide updates where applicable.

Internet Connection

Will your current monitored system work on the NBN network?

If you have not connected to the NBN as yet, or your area’s connection is coming soon, it is super important to check the compatibility of your monitored alarm system with the NBN. Three factors to consider include :

  • The age of your alarm, and the type
  • The technology that your alarm company is currently using
  • The telephone service that is supplied to you by your service provider

For example, if you have a ‘back-to-base’ system there is a large possibility that it utilises traditional copper phone lines to communicate. As such, they won’t be compatible with the NBN and will need upgrading. Alternatively, depending on the type of internet connection, some mobile connected systems will be compatible and no further changes will be needed.

Have a chat with your alarm company and service provider about the above factors, as well as :

  • Ask your alarm company whether your security device will work on the NBN as it is
  • Let both your preferred phone and internet provider know that you have a monitored alarm service
  • If you find that your preferred phone and internet provider can not support your alarm service or the monitored alarm service of your preference, you may need to consider other options. This may include either changing providers or changing the alarm system in your home
  • When you speak to the relevant parties, find out if there is an option to modify your current alarm system to become compatible with the NBN. If this is a possibility, find out the extent of the modifications and the cost (and who is responsible!)

If you have any questions, feel free to give Alltronic Security a call on 07 3353 3248 and we can discuss alarm monitoring systems with you.

Benefits of monitored systems on NBN

There are quite a few benefits of having alarm monitoring with NBN, including :

  • Reduced costs due to no landline rental or daily call charges
  • Alarm monitoring can still occur if phone lines are cut or the power is out, as it works with your alarms back-up battery system with mobile systems
  • Convenience due to the ability to receive real-time notifications through an app on your mobile device when anything occurs
  • Peace of mind that you will be provided with updates as soon as the alarm is triggered
  • 24/7 protection

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If you have any further questions regarding alarm monitoring, the NBN or security systems, please give Alltronic Security a call on 07 3353 3248 or complete an online booking form now!


Resources :

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