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Safety Switch Install, Testing & Repair

Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers or fuses. They are found in your switchboard but they have completely different functions. Safety switches or RDC can protect you from electrical shocks and save your life!

One safety switch is not enough… having switches installed on all circuits maximises the level of protection against electrical shocks in the home. If you are unsure about the safety switch installed in your home, call us now. Our master electricians can help with the installation, testing and repairs of safety switches. Get in contact today.


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How Does A Safety Switch Work?

Safety switches are the ONLY thing between you and electrical shock. They work by shutting off the power in merely 0.003 seconds when a leak in the current is detected. A leak in the current is determined by when the electrical current goes to earth.

By cutting the power, it stops electrical current from giving you an electric shock and electrocution.

Difference between Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers

The difference between safety switches and circuit breakers is quite simple.

  • A safety switch will cut the power when it detects a leak in the current.
  • A circuit breaker will cut the power when it detects a high current or overload.

In short, a circuit breaker is installed to protect circuit wiring and appliances whilst safety switches are installed to protect people.

One safety switch is not enough

Your home normally will have multiple circuits in order to provide power efficiently. It is recommended to have a safety switch for each circuit like lighting, air conditioning, pool, etc. Having multiple switches maximises the level of protection against electrical shocks in the home.

How to Test a Safety Switch?

To test a safety switch, press the “Test” button on the safety switch. It will cut off the power supply on that circuit. Once the test is done, simply turn the switch back on.

If the power doesn’t go off, your safety switch is faulty and will need to be fixed by a licensed electrician.

Remember safety switch can only protect you if it is working. It is recommended to test the safety switch every 3 months.

What To Do If Your Safety Switch Keeps Tripping?

A frequently tripping safety switch can be annoying. Damaged wiring, electrical faults or a faulty appliance could be the reason for your frequently tripping safety switch. Simply contact our master electricians and we will be able to diagnose and fix the fault.

Your Trusted Local Electricians

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