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Are you having electricity faults?

If this sounds like a problem that is a regular occurrence in your home then it sounds like you need to have fault finding conducted on your home. Fault finding is a process of elimination until you are only left with the cause of the fault. Once the cause has been diagnosed you can then have it repaired or replaced depending on the condition.

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Standard electrical faults

In the home, there are a number of different electrical faults that can go wrong cause your home's power to cease. Below is a common list of faults:

  • Loss of Supply : This is typically due to either a loose connection, tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.
  • Earth Fault : When the circuit breaker/ safety switch won't turn back on it is likely the culprit and should be replaced.
  • Dead Short : Either phase to neutral or phase to phase, is a typical indicator that the main fuse has blown.
  • Correct Circuit Breaker/RCD : Sometimes to cut costs cheaper CB/RCD's are used which don't last long in most cases.
  • Defective Components : Sometimes a switch, relay or contractors don't function the correct way they are supposed to.
  • Appliances : Over time the internal wiring/PCB's and other electronics can begin to fail thus causing a fault.
  • Reverse Polarity : This occurs at the supplies origin such as a single outlet or single fitting.
  • Initial Faults : Faults can happen on new installation as well due to various reasons already mentioned above.

Electrical fault finding process

The process in which we diagnose a fault is fairly straight forward. Rectifying the fault is where it becomes difficult as it can be a small fault or quite a large one. As each job is different there is no set fee to fixing a fault. The process of fault finding is below:

  1. Collect Evidence : When collecting evidence we will use our senses and compile a list of relevent information related to the problem.
  2. Analysis of Evidence : With careful and logical thinking about all of the evidence collection the likely fault or area of the fault is considered.
  3. Locating the Fault : This is a continuation of the analysis. The size of the area in which the fault could be geting smaller until it is down to a specific part.
  4. Determination and Removal of Fault : If you do not have the fault removed the fault will continue to occur.
  5. Rectifying the Fault : Although it sounds easy depending on how large the fault is will determine how big of a job it is.
  6. System Check : Once the fault has been removed or replaced we will check to ensure that the rest of your home is in good working order before we leave.

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