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Ceiling Fans Brisbane

Are you looking for ceiling fans in Brisbane?

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool without breaking the bank. A typical house with ceiling fans has at least one in every bedroom plus the main entertainment areas such as the rumpus room and lounge room. With many different shapes and styles, you would be hard pressed to find one that won't suit your home.

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Ceiling fan installation cost

As much as we would love to be able to answer this there actually isn't a definitive figure. A typical no-nonsense ceiling fan installation should take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours to install depending on the complexity of the fan. Some homes will be more difficult than others to install the fan and the time can get pushed beyond the 1 to 2 hours quite easily. Especially if the wiring in your home doesn't follow the building code. A lot of older houses have old style wiring which doesn't follow the strict building codes of modern electrical wiring.

Upon inspection for your quote things like the wiring will be checked and any or all issues will be brought to your attention prior to commencing work.

Ceiling fan vs air conditioner

The cooling choices for home cooling normally come down to either ceiling fans or air conditioners. Below we have broken down the differences between the two for you to be able to make a more educated decision on what is more suited to your home.

Ceiling Fans

  • Price: Around 2c per hour
  • Size: Varies
  • Cooling: Ceiling fans don't actually cool the air. Their purpose is to circulate the air replacing by pulling the hot air up and pushing the cooler air down.
  • Placement: Ceiling fans can be placed in every room to aid in the whole home cooling down. By opening up a bedroom window you are allowing the ceiling fan to draw new cooler air from outside into the room which can cool it faster.

Air Conditioner

  • Price: Between 40c to $1.90 per hour
  • Size: Varies between kW and type
  • Cooling: Air Conditioners cool the air to the temperature set by you. They blow out cold air which is created within the unit and remove hot air with an extractor fan.
  • Placement: Split systems are confined to the one room. If you were to place a split system in every room your electricity bill would skyrocket. Ducted air conditioning allows you to cool multiple rooms at once but the cost to run the unit is far higher.

For help in deciding what size ceiling fans would suit your home, call us today on 07 3353 3248 and see what we can do for you

Ceiling fan settings

Did you know ceiling fans can be run all year round, including winter? Most ceiling fans have a summer setting which is located on the side of the unit above the blades. What that switch does is cause the blades on the fan to travel backwards. The purpose of this is so that the instead of pulling the hot air out of the room it pushes it back down into the room.

Winter Fan Mode

This works great when you use it in conjunction with a fireplace. The fireplace will generate the heat into the room which will try to travel upwards to the highest point, the ceiling fan will then push it back down into the room causing the room to retain the heat.

Your local Brisbane electrician

If you have a question about any of the information on this page or related to ceiling fans give us a call on 07 3353 3248 or fill in our contact form and one of our helpful staff will get back to you with an answer to your query.


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