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Ceiling Fan Installation Brisbane

Professional fan installation service

Alltronic Security and Electrical offer a complete ceiling fan installation service throughout Brisbane and suburbs. Our experienced, qualified electricians can take care of the supply and installation of a range of ceiling fans including indoor and outdoor styles.

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Benefits of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are very effective at cooling areas of your home for not much more than the cost of running an incandescent light bulb. In summer ceiling fans can create a gentle cool breeze (or slightly stronger one if needed) in almost any space.

Modern ceiling fans are energy efficient and have many great features such as:

  • Lights - opt for LED for extra efficiency
  • Remote control - ideal for convenience or those with mobility issues.
  • Winter and summer mode - reverse the direction of the fan to redistribute warm air during winter.
  • 2, 3, 4, or 5 blades options
  • Timber, aluminium, stainless steel or plastic - choose the perfect look to suit your home decór.
  • Smart connectivity - operate the fan from your phone or connect to home automation systems.

Choosing the right fan

Choosing the perfect fan to install in the area of your home or business you want to cool can make a big difference to the room feel, ensuring the comfort of your family or staff. Picking the wrong fan could mean you don’t get the full benefit and end up relying on other, more costly, climate control measures such as air conditioning.

Here are a few tips and points to consider when choosing a ceiling fan:

  • Blade angle has a bigger effect on the amount of air movement a fan produces than the number of blades on the fan.
  • Plastic and timber fans tend to be quieter, ideal for use in sleeping areas.
  • DC ceiling fans offer the greatest energy efficiency, however, AC models tend to be cheaper to purchase.
  • Review the lighting in the room to avoid placing a fan over a light which can create a strobe light effect. Great if you’re cooling the dancefloor, not so good anywhere else. Ceiling fans with lights offer a practical solution for this issue.
  • If you have lower or higher than standard ceilings you may need to buy a fan designed for the specific the low ceiling height or include an extension rod.
  • Make sure the fan you decide on is large enough for the room - Small rooms - choose a fan with approx 122cm blades. Large rooms - 132 cm plus size blades.
  • Adding a ceiling fan to a room with an air conditioner can recirculate the cooled air, reducing thermostat settings and saving money.

Do you need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Yes you do. Installing a ceiling fan is not a DIY job, ask a licenced electrician to install your fan to ensure the safety of your home electrical systems, as well as to protect the fan warranty and your home insurance coverage.

Alltronic electrical services Brisbane

Our electricians can take care of all your ceiling fan installation requirements throughout Brisbane. Contact our team at 3353 3248 or complete our ceiling fan installation request form today.


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