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Security Camera Installation

Looking for a complete CCTV solution in Brisbane?

Alltronic Security provides a complete installation service offering an extensive range of quality CCTV systems to accommodate all commercial and home security system applications. From a single camera to multiple camera networks, black and white or colour footage, indoor, outdoor, analogue or digital systems. We have an affordable comprehensive surveillance camera system for your requirements.

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Business and commercial systems

The ideal camera system will provide clear images in all lighting situations to provide 24/7 coverage of your property. The camera needs to enable the positive identification of individuals, unimpeded vision of risk situations, and be tamper resistant.

The recorded footage is transferred from the security cameras throughout your property to a hard drive or digital recorder (DVR or NVR). Once stored the recording system allows you to search and access individual incidents easily.

Your surveillance systems can be networked to your businesses internal computer system, which allows authorised staff to log in and monitor cameras on-site or remotely.

Installing a closed circuit surveillance system will allow you to monitor activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A well setup security camera system can deter shoplifters, intruders, and dishonest staff as well as recording accidents or at-risk situations. This extra surveillance will pay for itself in no time, through minimised losses and peace of mind.

Micron Security Camera

Home security

CCTV surveillance systems are becoming commonplace in homes and residential buildings throughout Brisbane. Your home security camera system can provide an extra system to keep your home secure and maintain the safety of your family.

What to consider when installing a CCTV system?


The security cameras need to be placed in the optimal monitoring positions, taking into account:

  • The main entrances/exits
  • Any high-risk areas
  • The best angle for identification purposes
  • Wide image is good for overall coverage but no good at identifying intruders etc
  • Not easily accessed by potential vandals etc
  • No obstruction

Camera set-up

The cameras need to be set up correctly for their objective. Consider:

  • Camera resolution, lens type, focus, and exposure
  • Minimum recommended resolution is 320 television lines. (This is roughly half the resolution of a broadcast television image)
  • The lens must be compatible with the camera to minimise image distortion and discolouration for coverage area
  • Properly focussed for a clear image
  • Can handle the different lighting conditions.

Lighting conditions

Lighting conditions can have the biggest impact on the clarity of an image. It is important that all cameras are set up taking this into account. In some cases, additional lighting may need to be included.

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